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Becoming a Boeing 727 pilot is like joining a fraternity that's on the dean's probation list;  you're going to have a lot of fun, meet some interesting characters, and you know that you are part of something special--in this case, a shrinking community of pilots who are flying an ever-smaller inventory of classic "hands-on" airliners.   

This aircraft had a heck of a production run; Boeing delivered 1,831 727s from 1964 to 1984.

Many of these sturdy aircraft have since been converted to freighters.  But a few wear pinstripes, too; Donald Trump's corporate bird is a 727.  The  727 can can handle short runways, it's self-contained with its own air stairs, it's famously safe, it's big... and it's fast.  

If you're not scrimping on fuel costs, you can easily cruise at Mach .82 or faster.




The Citation V (a/k/a CE-560) is a great plane; very well-designed.  I flew this one for corporate service, and enjoyed every minute of it.




A Westwind business jet.